90 Days visa change by bus

90 days visa change by bus services in the UAE

Are you a traveller or expatriate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) looking to change your visa status or obtain a new visa without returning to your home country? Look no further! Our visa change by bus services offers a convenient and hassle-free way to complete your visa change process, all in just one day.

What is a visa change by bus service?

A 3 months Dubai visa change by bus service is a convenient process that allows travellers or expatriates in the Dubai, UAE to change their visa status or obtain a new visa without leaving the country by taking a bus trip to the border and re-entering after a brief exit.

Documents required to process this visa change service

Passport: Your original passport with a validity of at least six months.

Current Visa Copy: A clear copy of your current UAE visa (visit or tourist visa).

Passport-Sized Photographs: Passport-sized photographs with a white background.

Visa Change Service Booking Confirmation: Proof of your booking and payment for the visa change service provided by the bus service. This may include a confirmation email or receipt.

Travel Tickets: Copies of your bus tickets or travel itinerary, including the date and time of departure.

Visa Fee: Prepare the visa change fee as required by the bus service provider. Ensure that you have the correct amount in the appropriate currency.

Visa Change Guarantee: In some cases, you may need to provide a guarantee to cover any potential fines or issues related to the visa change process.

Easy 4 steps to complete the 90 days visa change by bus package

Gather Documents: Collect required documents, including passport, visa copy, and booking confirmation.

Book with Agency: Schedule your visa change with a travel agency and keep the booking confirmation.

Border Crossing: Follow agency instructions for border exit and re-entry at the UAE border.

Visa Issuance: Submit documents, pay fees, and receive your new visa status. Enjoy your extended 90-day stay.

Why Choose Bus Services for Visa Change in the UAE?

Convenience: Opting for a bus service for your visa change eliminates the need for a costly and time-consuming journey back to your home country. You can complete the entire process within the UAE, just by crossing the border which saving your time and effort.

Speed: Our visa change bus services offer same-day or one-day border exit visa changes, ensuring that you can quickly obtain your new visa or change your visa status without unnecessary delays.

Cost-Efficiency: Traditional visa change processes can be expensive, with flights, accommodation, and travel-related expenses adding up. Bus services are a budget-friendly alternative, allowing you to save money while ensuring compliance with UAE visa regulations.

Experienced Professionals: Our team of experts is well-versed in the UAE’s visa regulations and border procedures. We’ll guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your visa change is smooth and stress-free.

Changing your visa status or obtaining a new visa in the UAE no longer requires you to make a lengthy trip back to your home country. With our efficient and cost-effective bus services, you can complete the entire process in just one day. Say goodbye to the hassle of international flights and embrace the convenience of visa change by bus in the UAE.


1. Who can use this service?

This service is typically available to individuals’ holding tourist or visit visas who wish to extend their stay or change their visa category within the UAE.

2. How long does the visa change process take by bus?

The process usually takes one day, with same-day border exit and re-entry, making it a swift and efficient way to change your visa status. When compare to other visa change services option the 90 days visa change by bus charges are really affordable and convenient too.

3. What documents are required for the visa change process?

Commonly required documents include your passport, visa copy, Emirates ID, passport-sized photos, bus service booking confirmation, and any additional documents requested by the service provider.

4. Do I need to exit the UAE completely during the process?

Yes, you will need to exit the UAE briefly to complete the visa change. The bus service will take you to the border, where you will exit and re-enter the country.

5. Can I extend my stay after the visa change?

Depending on your new visa type, you may have the option to extend your stay further. Consult with your chosen bus service or relevant authorities for information on extension possibilities.

6. Is this service cost-effective compared to other visa change methods?

Yes, using a bus service for visa change is often more cost-effective than returning to your home country. It eliminates the need for expensive international flights and accommodation, making it a budget-friendly option.