60 Days visa change by bus

Dubai and UAE 60 Days Visa Change by Bus – Process, Requirements, and Fees

The 60 days visa change by bus package is a process that allows you to extend your stay in Dubai and the UAE without leaving to the home country. It involves a bus trip to a neighbouring country and re-entry to obtain a new 60-day visa.

Exploring the 60 Days Visa Change by Bus Package:

For those seeking an extended stay in Dubai and the UAE, the 60-day visa change by bus offers an efficient and budget-friendly solution. By avoiding the need to exit and re-enter the home country, this process has gained popularity. This innovative process presents an attractive alternative to traditional visa renewal methods, providing convenience, affordability, and a seamless experience.

Required Documents:

To initiate the 60 days visa change by bus process, ensure you have the following documents:

Passport: A valid passport with at least six months’ validity from the entry date.

Passport Copy: Photocopies of the passport’s main page and previous UAE visa pages.

Passport-Sized Photographs: Recent passport-sized colour photographs with a white background.

Emirates ID Copy: Copy of your Emirates ID (if applicable).

Guarantor’s Documents: If sponsored by someone, guarantor’s passport copy, visa page copy, and Emirates ID copy are required.

Steps to get your 2 months Dubai visa change by bus package:

Follow these four simple steps to complete the 60 days visa change process by bus:

Choose a Reliable Agency: Research and select a reputable visa change agency that offers bus packages.

Submit Required Documents: Prepare all necessary documents and submit them to the agency.

Bus Trip: The agency will arrange a bus trip to a nearby country, typically Oman. This will fulfil the exit requirement.

Re-entry and New Visa: After the bus trip, you’ll re-enter the UAE and receive a new 60 days visa.

Processing Time and Fees:

The processing time for the entire 60-day visa change by bus process is typically processed in same day and in some special cases this process will take around 3 to 5 working days. As for the 60 days visa change by bus charges, it can be vary based on the agency you choose and the specific package they offer.

Benefits of Dubai and UAE 60-Day Visa Change by Bus:

Convenience: Extend your stay without leaving the country, saving time and effort.

Cost-Effective: Lower expenses compared to international travel for visa renewal.

Minimal Disruption: Maintain your routine and plans in Dubai and the UAE.

Hassle-Free: Expert agencies handle logistics and coordination.

Comprehensive Package: All-inclusive services for a smooth process.

Avoid Formalities: Bypass exit and re-entry procedures.

Frequent Traveler Solution: Ideal for those visiting the region often.

Enhanced Experience: More time to enjoy the culture and attractions.


1: Who is eligible for this visa change process?

A: Residents, tourists and visitors in Dubai and the UAE who wish to extend their stay are generally eligible. Ensure you meet the conditions, such as not having an active labour ban and initiating the process before your current visa expires.

2: Which countries are commonly visited during the bus trip?

A: The most common destination for the bus trip is Oman, which is a neighbouring country to the UAE.

3: Can I repeat the visa change process back-to-back?

A: Yes, you can take unlimited visa changes by bus option and package without needing any gaps to process a new visa. Be sure to follow the guidelines and conditions set by the authorities for visa changes.

4: Is the visa change by bus package safe and legal?

A: Yes, the process is safe and legal when carried out through reputable agencies. These agencies have experience in handling the necessary procedures and ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

5: How do I choose a reliable agency for the visa change by bus package?

A: Research agencies with good reviews, experience, and a solid reputation. Verify their credentials, package details, and customer testimonials before making a decision.

6: Can I travel within the UAE during the 60-day visa period?

A: Yes, you can travel within the UAE during the validity of your new 60-day visa. However, be cautious not to overstay your visa, as penalties may apply.

7: What happens if my current visa expires before I complete the process?

A: It’s crucial to initiate the process before your current visa expires. If your visa expires before you start the process, you might need to pay penalties or face legal consequences.