10 Kid-Friendly Soft Play Centres in Dubai

10 Kid-Friendly Soft Play Centres in Dubai

Welcome to the world of kid-friendly soft play facilities in Dubai, where kids may have amazing moments combining creativity, safety, and fun! There is a tonne of soft play places spread around Dubai’s colourful and varied landscape, all of which are designed to satisfy the curiosity and excitement of young adventurers. Facilities provide secure and engaging setting with bright playgrounds, engaging activities, and developmentally appropriate tasks that encourage movement, social connection, and cognitive growth. Dubai’s soft play facilities offer an amazing environment for kids to learn, develop, and have tonne of fun they’re sliding down amusing slides, climbing through tunnels, or participating in themed excursions.

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Here are the 10 Kid-Friendly Soft Play Centres in Dubai:

1. Cheeky Monkeys

Cheeky Monkeys

For children ten years of age and under, Cheeky Monkeys is a well-liked soft play centre in Dubai that provides an extensive range of both amusement and education. Facility offers youngsters range of enjoyable activities with numerous zones, which include jungle gym, slides, ball pits, and interactive games. While watching their children, parents can relax at the on-site café.

2. Kidzania


Located at Dubai Mall, Kidzania is an immersive educational facility that allows kids to explore different careers in a scaled-down city. Youngsters from 4 to 16 years old can play out scenarios such as operating a restaurant, doing surgery or piloting an aeroplane. Providing entertainment, this interactive setting educates kids in a fun and interesting way about the importance of labour, money, and social responsibility.

3. Oli-Oli


Children ages two to eleven, Oli-Oli is an interactive children’s museum that promotes learning through play. The institution has eight themed galleries, including the Water Gallery, where children may play with water pressure and movement, and Toshi’s Net, a colourful climbing structure. Concentration on experiential learning, Oli-Oli gives kids freedom to play creatively while learning about science, art, and technology ideas.

4. Mattel Play! Town

Mattel Play! Town

For kids ages two to ten, City Walk has a themed indoor play area called Mattel Play! Town. Beloved figures including Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, and Barney are featured in the facility; each has a separate play area. Youngsters can investigate a variety of engaging games and live performances that are instructive and amusing.

5. Faby land

Faby land

Kids of all ages can have fun in the lively indoor play area provided by Faby Land. It is a combination of thrilling rides, arcade games, and a soft play area with climbing frames, slides, and ball pits that is spread throughout multiple shopping malls in Dubai. Faby Land is made to give kids exciting and entertaining space to play games and engage in variety of physical exercises.

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6. Magic Planet

Magic Planet

A well-liked family amusement facility, Magic Planet can be located in a number of important Dubai shopping centres, such as Mirdif City Centre and Mall of the Emirates. It has mix of exciting arcade games, rides, and soft play areas. Soft play area, with its slides, climbing frames, and ball pools, is perfect for smaller kids. Arcade and ride options offer plenty of excitement for teens and older children.

7. The Green Planet

The Green Planet

Children can learn about a variety of habitats and unusual creatures through an interactive experience at City Walk’s The Green Planet, an indoor tropical rainforest. Children can engage in educational activities, explore different levels of the rainforest, and interact with animals like parrots and sloths. The Green Planet offers a unique educational experience that combines adventure with learning about ecology and conservation, even though it’s not your typical soft play area.

8. Splash ‘n’ Party

Splash 'n' Party

For smaller kids, splash ‘n’ Party in Al Safa is an ideal water-based play complex with extra soft play spaces. The facility offers a cool and thrilling experience with its splash pads, water slides, and interactive water games. With the climbing frames and slides in the soft play area, youngsters may engage in both dry and wet play.

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9. Extreme Fun

10 Kid-Friendly Soft Play Centres in Dubai

Located in Motor City, Extreme Fun is an indoor play centre that provides kids with a fun selection of activities. The facility has courses for obstacles, trampolines, and soft play areas with slides, climbing frames, and ball pits. It is appropriate for children of different ages and is made to promote physical activity. For active kids who love climbing, jumping, and exploring difficult play settings, Extreme Fun is an excellent choice.

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10. Kids Jungle

10 Kid-Friendly Soft Play Centres in Dubai

Kids Jungle is an exciting indoor play facility with a jungle theme that is situated in Al Barsha. It has a range of soft play structures, like as slides, tunnels, and climbing frames. The centre offers a fun and safe environment for youngsters to explore and play, all while fostering their imaginations and physical development.


Dubai’s kid-friendly soft play centres are perfect place for families looking to provide their kids with stimulating and enjoyable activities since they provide special combination of amusement, security, and educational value. Colourful play areas not only offer nonstop excitement and adventure, but they also support important developmental skills in a safe and supportive setting. Dubai’s soft play facilities are monument to city’s commitment to creating enriching and unforgettable moments for youngest members of community, with varied choice of activities and attention to delivering wonderful experience for every kid. Establishments guarantee to be mainstay of children happiness and exploration in Dubai, it’s for an informal playdate or a big celebration.

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