10 Fantastic Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Turkey

Places to Visit in Turkey with family

Places to Visit in Turkey with family the country can be considered as a paradise for families with children, as Turkey has a lot to offer history and culture, amazing views, and kind inhabitants. From the commercial and crowded Bazaars of Istanbul, the historical sites of Turkey to the coastal area of Antalya and the famous fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, Turkey is an ideal place for family vacations. with Family Turkey tour packages and Turkey holiday packages in Turkey include hot air balloon tour in Goreme, visiting the Ephesus ruins and many other wonderful places and activities that will make the families’ vacation an exciting one and one that they will always cherish.

Travellers looking places to visit in Turkey for family-friendly excursions as well as cultural discovery can find plenty to enjoy in Turkey. Turkey offers limitless number of tourist destinations, from historic wonders of Ephesus and fairy chimneys of Cappadocia to colourful streets of Istanbul and blue waters of Antalya’s beaches. Places to visit in Turkey with family improves the experience and forges lasting relationships amid the rich fabric of Turkish culture, food, and hospitality. Turkey attracts visitors of all ages with its varied landscapes and friendly attitude, they choose to walk around the Grand Bazaar, wonder at Hagia Sophia, or sail along Bosphorus.

Here are the 10 Fantastic Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Turkey:

1. Istanbul:

Places to Visit in Turkey with family

Istanbul is a living city that is situated on two continents that is Europe and Asia and as such it is quite fascinating. Families can go to the major attractions such as the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar. Boating on the Bosphorus is a good view of the skyline of the city and palaces and mansions along the water and the spices and sweets in the Spice Bazaar are the most colourful. Families are interested in Istanbul because of the street activity and a large number of meals including Turkish delights, kebabs and others.

2. Cappadocia:

Places to Visit in Turkey with family

Fairy chimneys and the world’s unique geographical features, and hot air ballooning in the morning. Honeymooners and families can go to Derinkuyu and Kaymakli underground cities and watch the beautiful tunnels and chambers made in the soft volcanic tuff. Göreme open air museum consists of a number of rock-cut churches with stunning paintings on the walls while valley walks offer an opportunity to take a nice hike in beautiful surroundings.

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3. Antalya:


Some of the famous beaches in Antalya are Lara and Konyaalti; Antalya is a city in Turkey along the Mediterranean coast. Families can comfortably sit, sunbath, and swim in warm, calm and crystal blue water for water activities and bathing. There is Perge with the ruins of a great Roman city with beautiful theaters and stadiums, Aspendos with a magnificent ancient theater which is still in use for the history lovers. The Antalya Aquarium is an excellent opportunity to touch the underwater inhabitants and the Düden Waterfalls are a nice chance to get closer to the nature.

4. Ephesus:


Situated near the modern town of Izmir, Ephesus has some of the most well-preserved ruins in the Mediterranean Basin. Families can explore the magnificent archaeological site of Ephesus and visit the Library of Celsus with its beautiful front and the Theater where people gathered to watch plays for thousands of spectators. The Ephesus Archaeological Museum gives a glimpse of how life was like in the past and the House of the Virgin Mary, being a place of worship, offers a religious experience into the past.

5. Pamukkale:


Pamukkale which translated as ‘Cotton Castle’ in Turkish, is a picturesque site of the world famous for its beautiful terraces of white calcite and thermal water pools. The families can walk on the terraces naked foot and feel the warm and turquoise water up to ankle deep making it more relaxing. A short distance away is the historical site of Hierapolis with many Roman structures such as the theatre and the Necropolis. People can also take a bath in the thermal pools and natural thermal water and therefore Pamukkale is a perfect spot for families to visit.

6. Bodrum:


Bodrum is situated on the Bodrum Peninsula on the Aegean Sea and has a rich history along with all the comforts of a contemporary tourist resort. Families can go for a leisurely sunbath on the sandy shores of Bodrum, Gumbet which is famous for its blue waters and water sports or Bitez. Bodrum Castle which was erected by the Knights of St. John in the 15th century contains the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, with relics from sunken ships. The Bodrum Amphitheater provides a great view of the city and is used for concerts and acting performances while the Bodrum Marina is a place where one can find many restaurants, shops and take a boat tour of the colorful city.

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7. Oludeniz:


Oludeniz is a beautiful resort located in the south-west of Turkey; the main sight is the Blue Lagoon marine park with warm, clean water in which it is convenient to swim with children and for those who like water sports. Families can sunbathe on the sandy beaches for days or go for snorkelling or scuba diving to see marine life. For the adventurous souls, they can take a paragliding ride from the Babadag Mountain that is located near the beach as well as the Blue Lagoon. Boat ride to Butterfly Valley allows to see more beaches and the fauna and flora of the valley as well as other sights make Oludeniz suitable for families who are fond of nature.

8. Pergamon:


Pergamon or Bergama is one of the oldest cities of Turkey located in the western side of Turkey. Families can go to the great Acropolis of Pergamon which is located in the hill in the modern town of Bergama. These are the Asklepion healing center where the ancient Greeks used to go for treatment and the Red Basilica, which is a monumental temple to the Egyptian gods. The Acropolis also offers amazing views of the countryside and give an insight into the past and present of the city.

9. Ankara:


Ankara is the capital city of Turkey, and it is also an ideal place for families and tourists because of the following interesting places. One can go to Atatürk Forest Farm and Zoo which is a place of leisure with the botanical garden, zoo where children can touch the animals, children’s play areas. Among these are ceramics, sculptures, and other items discovered at the Turkish archaeological sites, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations houses items that depict the history of Anatolia for thousands of years. Ankara Castle built on the hill is the historical site of the city and provides the views of the city and the historical background of the medieval period of the city and Gençlik Park is a park which has green area and fun making facilities.

10. Trabzon:


Rabzon is one of the cities in Turkey situated in the north-eastern region of the country on the Black Sea and is naturally blessed and historically rich. Families can visit the painted Monastery of Sumela which is situated on the cliff in the middle of the green forest in the Pontic Mountains and famous for the frescoes. Green hills and tea gardens along with the Uzungol Lake are an ideal place for families to spend their time with small children to have picnics and to take a boat ride. The Hagia Sophia of Trabzon Museum is a former Byzantine church with magnificent frescoes and architecture, Atatürk’s Mansion traces the life of the founder of modern Turkey with nice gardens and vistas of the city.


The author has proposed concept that Turkey indeed has something for everyone in family history, nature, and comfort. From the busy of the cities of Istanbul to the fairy tale like rock formations of Cappadocia; the sunny Mediterranean coast with the beautiful beaches of Antalya and the ancient ruins of Ephesus, each part of Turkey is unique. Turkey is country of history, sand beaches, and different outdoor activities through which families enjoy the most when they are exploring this country. It is easy to navigate and has a warm climate; therefore, Turkey continues to be a family’s choice for discovery and holidays.

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