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    Aventura Parks Dubai Tickets online

    Book entry tickets to Aventura Parks Dubai with Go Kite and Enjoy a thrilling dayout in Dubai with your loved ones. All day, test your balancing skills, climb, swing, zipline, and have the greatest fun and adventure! This is precisely what you will encounter during your visit to Aventura Parks Dubai. Its five levels of fascinating challenges cater to people of all ages and fitness levels. It supplies all necessary equipment and abides by special EU safety rules; all while being accompanied by an expert crew. All of this allows you to test your limits in a safe and serene setting.

    Aventura Parks Dubai spans over 35,000 square metres and contains more than 80 adrenaline-pumping challenges across five levels. Each level becomes increasingly difficult as you progress. This means you can quickly select a circuit that corresponds to your own abilities and skills. Furthermore, with challenges and obstacles starting at 1.05 metres in the MiniKids course, it’s excellent for your group’s youngest member.

    Rangers is the easiest of the five courses, with a total of 19 obstacles. It is ideal for children over 1.15 metres tall. This is followed by Explorador, which consists of 17 challenges designed specifically for families and children. The following one is Thriller, which has 15 challenges and takes you to new heights with low-risk yet entertaining zipline adventures. Aventura, on the other hand, has 15 medium-level tasks. Extreme is the epitome of fun and adrenaline as you surfboard through the treetops and take on its 16 nerve-wracking obstacles, including the 25-meter Tarzan jump.

    There are numerous sky-high rope challenges available to satiate your inner adventurer. Step out of your comfort zone with the park’s Leap of Faith adventure, which asks you to climb a six-meter-high pole to reach the top. Do you want to soar to new heights? Visit the 12 metre high Himalaya climbing wall for the best panoramic views of the area. Try Cat Walk, which involves walking along a plank while blindfolded. Another must-try adventure task for thrill seekers is Jacob’s Ladder, which requires a team of two to complete.

    Trip Itinerary

    • climb, swing, zipline, and have the greatest fun at Aventura Parks Dubai

      With your entry tickets to Aventura Parks Dubai, the entire day, test your adjusting abilities, climb, swing, zipline, and have a great time and experience! This is unequivocally the very thing that you will experience during your visit to Aventura Parks Dubai. Its five degrees of interesting difficulties take special care of individuals of any age and wellness levels. It supplies generally important gear and submits to unique EU wellbeing rules; all while being joined by a specialist group. All of this permits you to test your cutoff points in a protected and quiet setting.
      Aventura Parks Dubai traverses north of 35,000 square meters and contains in excess of 80 adrenaline-siphoning difficulties across five levels. Each level turns out to be progressively troublesome as you progress. This implies you can rapidly choose a circuit that compares to your own capacities and abilities. Besides, with difficulties and impediments beginning at 1.05 meters in the MiniKids course, it’s superb for your gathering’s most youthful part.


    • Aventura Parks Dubai admission ticket
    • Access to its 80+ challenges over five levels is unrestricted.
    • Tree climbing, rope swinging, bridge balancing, and zipline courses are all available.
    • Discover five circuits suitable for people of all ages and skills.
    • Select from Mini Kids Circuit, Nature Walk Experience, Leap of Faith, Cat Walk, Himalaya, and Jacob’s Ladder.
    • Transfers in both directions (only if transfer option chosen at the time of booking)



    • Personal expenses
    • Pick up and Drop off (If tickets are only booked)

    Terms & Conditions

    • Aventura Park Location- Mushrif Park, Gate 1, POB 30929 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
    • Please follow all rules and instructions given by Aventura Park Staff members.
    • Children under 12 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times
    • Persons weighing more than 100 kg./who, due to their size, cannot use the standard safety harness, shall be given an all-in waist-chest harness. The maximum weight 130 kg for adult and 100 kg. for children are permitted.
    • Children under the age of 6 age not allowed to participate in the park rope course requiring PPE.
    • People with determination are not recommended and will not be allowed to participate in any activity at Aventura Park.
    • All issued tickets are non-refundable, non-changeable, non-transferable.
    • Go kite holds no responsibility if any component of activity is non-operational due to technical reasons or weather conditions.
    • No heavy luggage is allowed to be carried during this activity.