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    Go Kite’s team is here to help will reserve a table for you at one of the restaurants impeccably set within Burj Al Arab – the magnificent, seven-star hotel soaring to a height of 321 metres. Whether your taste buds crave Arabic, Far East Asian, or International specialties, the Burj Al Arab offers a variety of luxurious options to satisfy every palate.

    To enhance your dining experience, the gourmet food of specialties is presented against the backdrop of stunning views of Palm Jumeirah, World Island, and the Arabian Gulf’s panoramic shoreline. All you have to do is tell us about your specific eating requirements, and we’ll assist you in selecting the best option, allowing you to take home a breakfast session filled with long-lasting, sumptuous memories.

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    • Lunch or Dinner at Burj Al Arab

      Go Kite’s group is here to assist with willing book a table for you at one of the eateries immaculately set inside Burj Al Arab – the eminent, seven-star lodging taking off to a level of 321 meters. Whether your taste buds desire Arabic, Far East Asian, or International strengths, the Burj Al Arab offers different extravagant choices to fulfill each sense of taste.

      To improve your eating experience, the luxurious cuisine of claims to fame is introduced against the scenery of dazzling perspectives on Palm Jumeirah, World Island, and the Arabian Gulf’s all encompassing coastline. You should simply enlighten us concerning your particular eating prerequisites, and we’ll help you in choosing the most ideal choice, permitting you to bring back home a morning meal meeting loaded up with enduring, luxurious recollections.


    • If this option is chosen, hotel transfers will be provided.
    • Tour of the Burj Al Arab.
    • Reservations are honored for meals.


    • Personal expenses
    • Tips or any other charges

    Terms & Conditions

    • The Booking Confirmation is valid only for the specific date and time shown and shall automatically expire upon the lapse of this specific date and time.
    • If the selected tour or time slot is not available as per request, our team will coordinate with you for rescheduling or cancellation.
    • Tickets can only be used once and are not subject to refund or exchange of any kind whatsoever.
    • Please report at least 30 minutes before the slot timings
    • Address: Conference center at Jumeirah Beach hotel.
    • Dress Code: You are requested to maintain a decent dress code. Shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops, open and running, gym, tennis, basketball shoes, etc. are not allowed.
    • NOTE: This is to inform you that the given rates and bookings for Atlantis meals cannot be confirmed on special occasions like Easter, Valentine’s Day, Iftar, Eid, Christmas Day, Christmas Evening, New Year Evening, Diwali Festivities and Chinese New Year.