10 Amazing Spots for Surfing in Dubai

surfing in Dubai

Dubai provides a fairly wide variety of surfing opportunities along the shore of Dubai, one of the most progressive and well-equipped coast cities. Situated between sandy beaches and big, rising skyscrapers.

The Spot for surfing in Dubai provide surfing opportunity for all sorts of surfers, from those learning to ride the first waves to those in search of big swells. Every place of surfing in Dubai has its advantages and features; the most crowded ones are Jumeirah Beach, and Sunset Beach, which are favourite among the surfers due to the constant waves, and the beautiful view, while the less crowded ones are Black Palace Beach and Nessnass Beach which gives the opportunity to surf without a lot of people around.

With combined spots like Kite Beach that hosts kiteboarding and surfing simultaneously and beautiful locations like The Cove at Atlantis The Palm that adds luxury and adventurous touch to the surfing, Dubai turns out to be a surprising paradise for the surfers in the middle of the modern city and also combining a Dubai modern city tour with a day of surfing gives the perfect combination of outdoor adventure and sightseeing.

Here are the 10 spots for surfing in Dubai:

1. Sunset Beach (Umm Suqeim Beach)

Sunset Beach (Umm Suqeim Beach)

Sunset Beach is close to Burj Al Arab and is known for its reliable beach break that caters to a wide range of surfers. It is conveniently located near the Burj Al Arab. This beach is popular with surfers in the winter, from November to April, when the waves are stronger and more consistent, so this can be considered as a best option while choosing surfing spot in Dubai. In order to facilitate beach surfing, extra facilities include a café, showers, and stores where customers can rent surfboards.

2. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

There is the famous Jumeirah Beach near Dubai Marina; it provides beach breaks which may range from small to large regarding the waves. The weather conditions of surfing are however more favourable during the winter and this is the time that both the tourists and the residents take time to be at the beach. The beach has restaurants, shops, and hire of surfboards which makes it ideal for surfers.

3. Black Palace Beach (Al Sufouh Beach)

surfing in Dubai

For those who prefer not so crowded place to surf, Black Palace Beach near Palm Jumeirah is a good spot with beach break. But it is not as busy as other attractions, especially in winter when the wave is always big. Little development is provided for the surfers, but the calm environment of the beach and moderate waves are some of the reasons why the surfers prefer this beach due to lack of congestion.

4. Ghantoot Beach

Ghantoot Beach

Situated on the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this beach is less popular with surfers than the others. It features a beach break with rare good waves in the winter when the swell size is larger. This beach, in comparison to the others, is less crowded with tourists and is popular by surfers who enjoy peace and quiet and beautiful surroundings.

5. The Cove Beach

The Cove Beach

The Cove Beach is near to Atlantis, The Palm and is ideal for surfing with a good view. There are many types of breaks at the beach and it becomes crowded during some times of the year particularly during winter when the wave is perfect for surfing. Some of the services include, hire of sunbeds on the beach, barbeque and restaurants on the beach selling different types of foods, hire of surfing boards among others.

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6. Ocean Heights Beach (JBR Beach)

surfing in Dubai

The JBR strip has many beaches but Ocean Heights Beach is preferred by surfers due to small to medium beach breaks. This place is quite visited by both tourists and locals and even more during the winter when the waves are stronger. There are numerous restaurants and shops with beach accessories and water activities rental services hence will be of great benefit to the surfers who would want to explore the active Dubai beachfront.

7. Nessnass Beach

Nessnass Beach

Nessnass Beach near the Umm Suqeim Park is a perfect place for the non-crowded waves for the surfers. The beach has good beach break suitable for novice to intermediate and advanced surfers and most ideal during the winter season because of the waves. There are less number of facilities available nearby but the advantage is that it is less crowded and ideal for those who want to surf away from the crowds.

8. Dubai Marina Beach

Dubai Marina Beach

Dubai Marina Beach is situated near the working Dubai Marina and has sea views and various opportunities of the contemporary city. The waves generated at the beach are small to medium in size and the beach break is the most common type of waves that is experienced there the waves are better during the winter season because of the swell size. Some of the services that are offered to the visitors include; restaurants that offer international dishes, shops that sell accessories to be worn in the beach, and also shops that offer rental services of surf boards to the many visitors who swim and surf in the beach.

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9. Palm Jumeirah Beach

Palm Jumeirah Beach

Another place to surf is Palm Jumeirah Beach situated near the famous Palm Jumeirah; the scenery includes beautiful hotels. It has reasonable breaks that can be fun during winter swells. Other facilities that are nearby include resort, beach clubs, water sports centers, restaurants and bar lounges that clients can easily access to get other needs that may be required in comfortable surfing.

10. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park is located near the border of Dubai and Sharjah; the park is family friendly and occasionally there are waves good for surfing. The winter season also has more regular swells benefits the surfers and beach lovers. There are Barbeque sites, swimming pools, showers and the park ideal for families who wish to spend their day at the beach and surfers who wish to access the beach easily.


Surfing in Dubai is rather unexpected as one would not associate the desert climate with surfing and an urban setting that is characteristic for the area. Some of the surfing areas in the city include the crowded areas like the sunset beach and the Jumeirah beach and the less crowded black palace and Nessnass beaches. Whether it is chasing the big waves with the background of the famous landmarks or seeking for the solitude in the proximity with the nature, Dubai offers the modern amenities and stunning nature for surfing for the beginners and advanced riders. Therefore, as the interest in surfing increases and the support for it grows, Dubai becomes a viable and possibly unexpected destination for surf enthusiasts from around the globe.

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